The Applied Computing Technology Laboratory at Villanova University is an idea factory, dedicated to the discovery of new uses of computer technology in all areas of the human experience. We solve problems, big and small, using computers. Students and faculty collaborate on the full spectrum of computing innovation, from basic and applied research to product development and release, as an incubator of ideas and a complement to other research activities in our department and university. To that end, we collaborate with Industry, seek out interdisciplinary partnerships and funding sources, and submit papers for peer review, always with an eye toward the future of computing that lies just beyond the horizon.

Since March 2005 we have been actively seeking the solutions to problems from a diverse array of disciplines, including criminology, human-computer interaction, assistive technology, computer science education, supercomputing and applied artificial intelligence. Please explore our site to find out more.

Join our lab

Do you like to solve impossible problems? Have you always wanted to invent something cool, useful and important? Are you unafraid of the unknown? Then you are just the sort of person our lab needs. Many student researchers join the lab while conducting independent study or course-related projects, and stay on to develop their ideas further. Faculty participate as advisors, mentors and collaborators. Others inside and outside of academia become involved for the camaraderie of shared research, and for the excitement and fun of solving really difficult challenges. Find out how to join the lab by clicking over there.


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